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One Swell Day : Wedding Photography Workshop-in-a-box

oneswellday004 copy

EXCITEMENT. I’m so happy to say that I’ve one of my One Swell Day events as a workshop that’s ready to be watched from exactly where you are.


This is a totally new thing for me but I hopeful that the things I’ve learned and learned how to teach will be a help to lots of photographers. I had one of my workshops filmed because I’d put so much into it but didn’t have the travel time to start hosting it in other states. I also know workshops are difficult for some to afford, so I thought having an in-depth course to watch from home with the ability to email any questions would save people time and make it more accessible to them.

(Because once in a while even people like us can be practical.)

The day starts with breaking down creativity + inspiration, moving into overall workflow + business structure, (with emphasis on finding the personal voice in it all, especially when feeling stuck or full of second-guesses) personal work, traveling and things like firing yourself or why never to wear lipstick near a white dress.

We also had the editor of a wedding blog and two phenomenal wedding planners share their knowledge on getting published and building good working relationships, and then the last session is a wedding edit from start to finish.

All told it’s almost 7hrs of advice and stories and questions and theories and wild hand gestures and me apparently not being able to hide any emotions from my face. : )

Some of the people who came wrote about their experience after, so if you’re curious check out their blogs!


The workshop started at Clydes with dinner + war stories + anonymously-given photo critiques



D3S_3810 Next morning at the forever-wish-I-lived-here Rust Manor for the workshop day




Lunch by A Daily Something

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AT1A1139 Custom mugs by the Virginia Artisans


-5 All such good people <3 b
If you have any questions please get in touch! –> hello@rebekahjmurray(dot)com


With the swellest thanks to:
A Daily Something – Workshop food, setup + styling
Megan + Laura | Events in the City – Guest speaker
Juli | United With love – Guest speaker
Skipper Films – Videography
VSCO + PASS – Product sponsors
The Virginia Artisans – Attendee gifts
Clydes at Willow Creek – Welcome dinner
Rust Manor – Workshop venue
Bonnie, Tori, Anna, Rebecca – Thoughtful helpful dears
Shalese, Bonnie and Alicia – Photos in blog post


Phoebe : Bridal Portrait // Ballenger Farm, Virginia

Phoebe0002 copy

These foggy fall days were reminding me of this beautiful day last year. The light was a dream and it’s always so fun to meet up with talented friends and together play out a story from our imagination. We got a lot of rain throughout the shoot and kept having to shoot under whatever overhangs or umbrellas we could find, and found out later we’d actually been out in a tornado. Live and learn?

Phoebe of Ballenger Farm
Floral Design: Wild Green Yonder
Hair + Makeup: Leah Kaarolina
Styling: A Daily Something
Props: Antler House
Dress: BHLDN


Phoebe0008 Phoebe0009 Phoebe0010 Phoebe0012 Phoebe0015 Phoebe0016 Phoebe0017 Phoebe0018 Phoebe0020 Phoebe0024 Phoebe0027 Phoebe0028




Phoebe0043 Phoebe0041 Phoebe0047 Phoebe0055 Phoebe0062 Phoebe0064 Phoebe0072 Phoebe0073 Phoebe0074 Phoebe0085 Phoebe0098



Ohhhh, been watching for these for forever and a day. :) she looks like something magical and bygone. love.

Hannah Smith

Stunning. every single one.

These are sheer magic.

OK. These pictures are amazing! where is the groom, btw?

These are so perfect!! <3 each one of them! Thank you for sharing. It´s a dream to look at!