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Ginna + Caleb : wedding // Eastern Shore, Virginia

Virginia-estate-wedding0001 Virginia-estate-wedding0002 Virginia-estate-wedding0003 Virginia-estate-wedding0004 Virginia-estate-wedding0005 Virginia-estate-wedding0006 Virginia-estate-wedding0007 Virginia-estate-wedding0008 Virginia-estate-wedding0009 Virginia-estate-wedding0010 Virginia-estate-wedding0011 Virginia-estate-wedding0012 Virginia-estate-wedding0013 Virginia-estate-wedding0014 Virginia-estate-wedding0015 Virginia-estate-wedding0016 Virginia-estate-wedding0017 Virginia-estate-wedding0018 Virginia-estate-wedding0019 Virginia-estate-wedding0020 Virginia-estate-wedding0021 Virginia-estate-wedding0022 Virginia-estate-wedding0023 Virginia-estate-wedding0024 Virginia-estate-wedding0025 Virginia-estate-wedding0026 Virginia-estate-wedding0027 Virginia-estate-wedding0028 Virginia-estate-wedding0029 Virginia-estate-wedding0030 Virginia-estate-wedding0031 Virginia-estate-wedding0032 Virginia-estate-wedding0033 Virginia-estate-wedding0034 Virginia-estate-wedding0035 Virginia-estate-wedding0036 Virginia-estate-wedding0037 Virginia-estate-wedding0038 Virginia-estate-wedding0039 Virginia-estate-wedding0040 Virginia-estate-wedding0041 Virginia-estate-wedding0042 Virginia-estate-wedding0043 Virginia-estate-wedding0044 Virginia-estate-wedding0045 Virginia-estate-wedding0046 Virginia-estate-wedding0047 Virginia-estate-wedding0048 Virginia-estate-wedding0049 Virginia-estate-wedding0050 Virginia-estate-wedding0051 Virginia-estate-wedding0052 Virginia-estate-wedding0053 Virginia-estate-wedding0054 Virginia-estate-wedding0055 Virginia-estate-wedding0056 Virginia-estate-wedding0057 Virginia-estate-wedding0058 Virginia-estate-wedding0059 Virginia-estate-wedding0060 Virginia-estate-wedding0061 Virginia-estate-wedding0062 Virginia-estate-wedding0063 Virginia-estate-wedding0064 Virginia-estate-wedding0065 Virginia-estate-wedding0066 Virginia-estate-wedding0067 Virginia-estate-wedding0068 Virginia-estate-wedding0069 Virginia-estate-wedding0070 Virginia-estate-wedding0071 Virginia-estate-wedding0072 Virginia-estate-wedding0073 Virginia-estate-wedding0074 Virginia-estate-wedding0075 Virginia-estate-wedding0076 Virginia-estate-wedding0077 Virginia-estate-wedding0078 Virginia-estate-wedding0079 Virginia-estate-wedding0080 Virginia-estate-wedding0081 Virginia-estate-wedding0082 Virginia-estate-wedding0083 Virginia-estate-wedding0084 Virginia-estate-wedding0085 Virginia-estate-wedding0086 Virginia-estate-wedding0087 Virginia-estate-wedding0088 Virginia-estate-wedding0089 Virginia-estate-wedding0090 Virginia-estate-wedding0091 Virginia-estate-wedding0092 Virginia-estate-wedding0093 Virginia-estate-wedding0094 Virginia-estate-wedding0095 Virginia-estate-wedding0096 Virginia-estate-wedding0097 Virginia-estate-wedding0098 Virginia-estate-wedding0099 Virginia-estate-wedding0100 Virginia-estate-wedding0101 Virginia-estate-wedding0102 Virginia-estate-wedding0103 Virginia-estate-wedding0104 Virginia-estate-wedding0105 Virginia-estate-wedding0106 Virginia-estate-wedding0107 Virginia-estate-wedding0108 Virginia-estate-wedding0109 Virginia-estate-wedding0110

Is this wedding read life? Wow. you killed it. I wish i could’ve been there to just crash this wedding it looks so beautiful.

Gah!!!! Rebekah, this is one incredible dream-wonder-wedding!! YOu have totally captured me once more!! i really want to hang some pics from this one in my office for inspiration!!!!!! <3 <3 (is that ok?)

Love her dress, where is it from? the fabric looks simply fantastic!

hearty greetings from Germany!!

the princess + the clocktower // bridal fashion editorial

“Once on a dark winter’s day, when the yellow fog hung so thick and heavy in the streets of London
that the lamps were lighted and the shop windows blazed with gas as they do at night, an odd-looking
little girl sat in a cab with her father and was driven rather slowly through the big thoroughfares.”

— A Little Princess

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bridal fashion shoot0004 blog0010

bridal fashion shoot0002





bridal fashion shoot0001





blog0018 blog0023
Gowns: Claire La Faye
Hair: JewelHD
Makeup: Amie Decker Beauty
Floral design: Lynnvale
Model: Olivia Nicole
Venue: Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower
Assistant: Hannah Smith


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.21.50 AM PS – published today on the Rock My Wedding blog!

You posted them! You posted them! You posted them!!!
I’ve been dying to see these since the first previews.


everything you do is extraordinary, of course. and my favorite childhood book. i would look in the mirror and bring myself to tears reciting the lines :-)

I’m with Sarah, I’ve been waiting for these! AMAZING!!

This is STUNNING!!!

Absolutely, utterly, spectacular.

these photo are absolute perfection!!

ahhh! i’ve been dying to see this shoot! love every ounce of it!

so dreamy and beautiful. and the ones where she is on the window ledge…stunning.


I figured you needed another Sarah to comment, so…these are breathtaking. You are so very talented!

oh my goodness, these are AMAZING! The light, the location, THAT hair – everything is stunning!

These are unREAL. I’m so in love.

One Swell Day // a style-defining, business-developing + sanity-encouraging wedding photography workshop

georgetown wedding portrait3



(*potentially) July/August | SCOTLAND + LONDON <– drop a line if interested!

I just did the math and I’m somehow 8 (!) years in since shooting my first wedding. It’s hard to remember what life was like before diving into this crazy/wonderful world, and it adds value to my experiences every time I can help someone else on their way. I’m so happy to get to host a few more workshops and I hope all the photographers who join us leave with a world of new ideas and clarity for their next steps forward.

For everyone joining we’ll do some corresponding beforehand with some questions and projects to make the experience more personal to you, and I’m limiting the number of people so it’ll stay a cozy little group. We’ll start the first day by meeting for dinner to share a meal and stories together, and the following morning have an 8hr day someplace beautiful (+ thoroughly caffeinated) to talk through how to make your art and business your own.

Main topics –

– creativity + inspiration + developing your individual photography style
– applying that to the everyday practicalities of running a business
– the thought process behind how I shoot
– finding + caring for perfect clients
– editing + workflow
– all the advice in my brain
– all the questions in yours

Investment is $500 with dinner and lunch on me.



Those are some great topics and I hope you have a wonderful time teaching everyone!

this sounds amazing! I wish I were closer so i could join you!

This sounds like just what i’d need. such a shame i live so far :(

That’s great you are getting to do these workshops! When your at the Lafayette workshop, make sure to stop by Indy. It’s where we love and it’s a great city!

so exciting! Looks like it’s going to be an amazing workshop!


This is fantastic! congrats!

Eight years! get it girl!! this sounds amazing <3

How exciting! Eight years in deserves a button or at the very least, a small cake. Hahaha. :) congrats!

Mackenzie Hope

This is beyond wonderful.

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[…] knowledge developing. In March I road tripped down to Leesburg, Va., for Rebekah J. Murray‘s One Swell Day workshop. I’ve followed Rebekah’s work for awhile now, and her photos are just magical. […]


If you have future destination workshops may I selfishly suggest Arizona? Your work is beyond beautiful!