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Life update & a surprising twist

If the internet has made us friends for any amount of time, what you might have picked up is I wear a lot of dresses, travel somewhat, and love learning new things.

What you probably didn’t know, is some years ago I started researching an idea of combining all these together, leading up till now and today and A CLOTHING COMPANY I’ve begun.

I design beautiful dresses for more lovely days, for every imaginative girl who wants the same.

This was the first trailer:




And you can see the whole story here!

The company was originally my mom’s idea, and was inspired by all my trips to beautiful places, when I couldn’t find the dresses that were right enough for the simple + beautiful days I was living. (And came to find out there are hundreds of girls feeling the same way.)

You can see everything HERE, on my Kickstarter! I’m selling pre-orders there and I get enough by October 15, 2016 I can move forward with a factory to get hundreds of these made, and launch an online store.

f97db6e7d1dca3d890860ec2a09ee0d3_originalIt’s a dear, dear part of my life these days, and I would love for you to see the story!
The best introduction is waiting for you here.


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Photography by Larue + Victoria Heer





Julie + Patrick : Wedding // Antrim 1844, Maryland | Published

When spring was raining flowers & ridiculous fun & all uncommonly beautiful.

  Antrim-1844-Wedding0004Antrim-1844-Wedding0006Antrim-1844-Wedding0003Antrim-1844-Wedding0009 Antrim-1844-Wedding0010Antrim-1844-Wedding0011Antrim-1844-Wedding0012Antrim-1844-Wedding0014Antrim-1844-Wedding0015 Antrim-1844-Wedding0017Antrim-1844-Wedding0024Antrim-1844-Wedding0021Antrim-1844-Wedding0023 Antrim-1844-Wedding0025Antrim-1844-Wedding0026Antrim-1844-Wedding0027Antrim-1844-Wedding0029Antrim-1844-Wedding0032Antrim-1844-Wedding0030Antrim-1844-Wedding0031 Antrim-1844-Wedding0033Antrim-1844-Wedding0035Antrim-1844-Wedding0036Antrim-1844-Wedding0037Antrim-1844-Wedding0038Antrim-1844-Wedding0039Antrim-1844-Wedding0042Antrim-1844-Wedding0041
Antrim-1844-Wedding0053Julie+Patrick00712BAntrim-1844-Wedding0052Antrim-1844-Wedding0051 Antrim-1844-Wedding0049 Antrim-1844-Wedding0050
Antrim-1844-Wedding0046Antrim-1844-Wedding0048Antrim-1844-Wedding0047 Antrim-1844-Wedding0054Antrim-1844-Wedding0055Antrim-1844-Wedding0043Antrim-1844-Wedding0056Antrim-1844-Wedding0058Antrim-1844-Wedding0059Antrim-1844-Wedding0060Antrim-1844-Wedding0061Antrim-1844-Wedding0062Antrim-1844-Wedding0064Antrim-1844-Wedding0065Antrim-1844-Wedding0066Antrim-1844-Wedding0067
Julie+Patrick01094Antrim-1844-Wedding0068Antrim-1844-Wedding0069Antrim-1844-Wedding0070Antrim-1844-Wedding0071washingtonian magazineSo happy to have this wedding included in the latest Washingtonian Bride & Groom magazine, and their film by Ryan Geldermann is one of my all-time favorites! <3

Venue: Antrim 1844 | Flowers: Bella Fiori | Bride’s Gown: Pronovias, Love Couture Bridal | Hair + Makeup: Up Do’s for I Do’s | Grooms suit: Suitsupply | Videography: Ryan Geldermann | Cake: Gateau Monique

Oh my dear! This is such a dream! the blooms & all the magical images you have captured! WOW!!!! in love with your art! :*

Phoebe : Bridal Portrait // Ballenger Farm, Virginia

Phoebe0002 copy

These foggy fall days were reminding me of this beautiful day last year. The light was a dream and it’s always so fun to meet up with talented friends and together play out a story from our imagination. We got a lot of rain throughout the shoot and kept having to shoot under whatever overhangs or umbrellas we could find, and found out later we’d actually been out in a tornado. Live and learn?

Phoebe of Ballenger Farm
Floral Design: Wild Green Yonder
Hair + Makeup: Leah Kaarolina
Styling: A Daily Something
Props: Antler House
Dress: BHLDN









Ohhhh, been watching for these for forever and a day. 🙂 she looks like something magical and bygone. love.

Hannah Smith

Stunning. every single one.

These are sheer magic.

OK. These pictures are amazing! where is the groom, btw?

These are so perfect!! <3 each one of them! Thank you for sharing. It´s a dream to look at!