a girl and her unwellness

Happiest of new years! Hope you enjoyed the holiday and made it a big deal in your own way.

New Year’s Eve is decidedly my favorite holiday of the year, (beats even Christmas and my joke of a birthday) I think because it combines the best of nostalgic memories + hopeful excitements. One of my dear chums had been abroad for the last year and she visited for a few days that weekend and it was loved and good to see her.

I’ve been sick for a little while now with a strange flu + migraine + strength-of-a-pygmy-jellyfish hybrid, and seem to be getting worse instead of my impatient improvement expectations. I forgot how terrible I am as a sick person. In theory, forced rest is a moderately good idea. But being confined to a couch with a neck swollen to the size of a tree, a headache that won’t let me sleep and a general and complete lack of energy is hardly appreciated. Also doesn’t help that being self-employed makes you forever acutely aware of how much work needs to be done and then panic sets in and suddenly MY CAREER IS RUUUUUINED…all because I slept till 11 days in a row? Silly me.

At least my diet of chicken soup and cough drops is appreciated by the perennial and entirely unoriginal resolution of weight loss.

In other news, The Journey Event is coming along swimmingly and we’re thrilled for how much interest there’s been! There seem to be plenty of amazing workshops for accomplished photographers on every imaginable topic, but few devoted to business development on a personal level. Looks like it’ll be filled before we even need to make a website for it? (Thank youuuu ladies.)

We’re also so excited that some of our favorite companies are sponsoring the workshop with free things that we’ll get to give away! (More details on that once we hear back from everyone.)

And in case this wasn’t clear – the cost for admission ($995) includes housing and delicious meals for the full week, along with transportation to/from Dulles or Reagan airport and plenty of surprises during the week.

Because yeah, we like surprises.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please email us at hello@thejourneyevent.com!

  1. Abby Rodriguez says:

    Love that picture of you two! Happiest New Year, friend!

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