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At the end of each year Junebug presents a “Best Of” collection, with 50 of the most stunning wedding images taken that year. Seeing the best of these world-famous artists is an overwhelming rush to my little aesthetic-driven heart and I flip through it over and over and over.

These are my favorites – the first because I’m obsessed with underwater portraiture and the second because the composition/location is just unreal.

When I was in Michigan I had a little extra time one night, and on a whim submitted a few of my favorite images. It’s a life goal of mine to someday make it on that list and was STUNNED with happy to be given an honorable mention!

(You can see the post over here.)

The picture they chose was of the lovely Shona walking on a rocky beach just outside of Edinburgh, and I’m so proud of this image I could cry. This shoot was right after I’d landed there and I was exhausted after two all-nighters and she was freezing as it started to rain at sunset, but we stuck it out and the results were magical.

It’s absolutely my self-defining image from 2010 so you can imagine how encouraging it was for that to be chosen.

(Waiting on that wedding to be published before I post it here, but can’t wait to share!)

On a slightly less life-erupting note, I quite loved The King’s Speech.

I had a terrible speech impediment growing up and I’m fascinated by stories of other people who overcame theirs. And while the script and filming were excellent, my favorite character was decidedly the wall in Lionel’s office. How delicious is that? So good of them not to settle for a dull room.

I was asked to blog this week (or was it last week? dear sick unfunctioning head) on the Etc Etc blog and it was fun to introduce myself and ramble a bit. It’s a playfully sarcastic “cure for the common wedding blog” and is always a delightful read. My post is over here.

And lastly, I just adore long skirts and think these outfits are beaut. (And while we know I’d never actually wear 4,200 sequins on my person, the pairing is still undeniably chic.)

( via Citizen Couture / J. Crew )

Hope you’re weekend is cozy and dear.

xo & etc.

  1. Julia says:

    SUCH an amazing image! (As usual.) You have every right to be quite proud of yourself!

  2. Love this POST!
    Jeeeeeeeeeeezy jeez!
    Those first two are SERIOUSLY STUNNING!
    And so excited for you to get the honorable mention!
    And loving those long skirts and things.

  3. the skirt on the left is AMAZING.
    and (at the risk of being terribly cheesy) so are you.

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