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krissy + norch! | stafford, virginia

Since the word “epic” is overrused and underappreciated, I’ll stick with Face-Meltingly-Awesome to sum up this wedding.

Krissy and Norch (or Kristina and Nathaniel, if we’re bothering with politeness) got engaged rock climbing, had the best personalized / DIY details at their wedding, (like homebrew beers?) and have been enjoying life ever since on their FIVE MONTH HONEYMOON around New Zealand, Fiji, and beyond.

Basically, they’re the kind of couple who make enjoying the best things of life a priority never to be ignored.

When we were planning the day, they were most excited about doing jumping shots with their wedding party. After a lot of brainstorming I came up with this idea that will ever slay me with happy.

(I brought a trampoline to photograph everyone individually, and then arranged them together later for a Lacoste-style interpretation. CLICK HERE to see it larger!)


This wedding was just featured on JUNEBUG WEDDINGS, so I’m certainly not the only one who thinks they’re the shiz.


On with the day.

Their ceremony and reception were at Rock Hill Plantation in Stafford, Virginia. They had simultaneously fallen in love with the rustic feel of the venue, and also with the couple who ran it. (especially the husband – he’s a clever chap from Ireland who’s also the officiant!)

Since parking was limited at the venue, they had a trolley ferrying guests in!

amaaaazing venue.

I’m convinced every wedding needs a goat. (thanks to Sarah Danaher + Johnna King for their help in detail shots!)

They decorated each table with vintage postcards of all the places their honeymoon would include!

CLICK HERE to see the rest from their photo booth!

AMAZING love this

Absolutely looooove this wedding! Krissy and Norch’s style is awesome!

oh, how I love this wedding!!!

Anna Hart

Love Love Love this wedding. I think it’s exceptionaly romantic, fun, creative, and beautiful! I like the simple things too, like Cornhole and cupcakes. Wowee I love the location! I think you fully captured every wonderful aspect of this wedding and the amazing people being joined together.


ok. I’m saying it again. I am so jealous of your clients.
Also, I’m jealous of them as people— 5 month honeymoon in the south pacific?? win.

And finally, I love their guestbook. Mostly because that’s something I would do.

The combined face-melting-awesomeness of the couple, the jumping, the venue, the style, (the glasses), and of course, the ever amazing Beckaness—- it’s too much for me. 🙂

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