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happy weekending! | annapolis

I feel like I’ve woken up on Christmas morning to a blizzard.

Hurricane Earl is the best thing in our lives lately – instead of ruined plans we got the best wind we could ask for. off to Annapolis with a few favorites for a sailing date with a 24′ Rainbow boat…and this is our weather!

some days it really is that perfect.

KRISSY + NORCH got loveshot!

I got a photo booth!

it’s a wedding addition I’ve wanted for a while – a big white backdrop with a big bright flash that I set up during the reception and nicely ask people to go crazy. a guest emailed about adding it to a wedding as a surprise for the bride and groom (everyone needs a friend as awesome as her!) and I went for it!


Krissy and Norch are headed off to New Zealand and Fiji for a SIX MONTH honeymoon and their friends were just as crazy awesome. one girl fell and ripped the paper off, another couple crashed into the wall, and all the groomsmen tossed the groom into the ceiling. this (still unnamed!) photo booth is not for the faint of heart.

P.S. guests of the Calentano lovefest – the rest of the images (like all those non-blog-appropriate ones. you know who you are) will be online with the wedding gallery in 2 weeks!

Sooooooooo many shades of amazingly wonderful!!!

luke blanchard

Haha these are such great shots.

These are the kind of wedding images people DREAM about getting from their wedding! SO AWESOME!

Kelly Yount

I soooooo wish you’d had this when you shot our wedding! Our photobooth was fun, but anything done by you is so much better! =o) Amazing shots. Were you shooting them, or was there someone else? Or was it automatic?

Esther Bobbin

You are just awesome! I just showed all my co-workers the pics and we were cracking up laughing. We had so much fun at the wedding and thanks for making it extra special capturing our crazy poses 🙂 I hope we get to see you in the future!

aww thanks Esther! I’m so glad you had the idea and I can’t wait to share the rest of the night!

and Kelly I had two other photographers shooting the reception so I could just hang out with the photo booth. I love what you had since you get them printed right away (and scrapbooked! such a good idea) but there was so much energy having everyone watch and cheer on 🙂


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