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a girl and her brother.

it’s strange how reluctant I’ve felt to post the stories and images from my little trip to Ireland. I’ve never experienced anything like it…or I’ve never experienced life like I did while I was there. I guess more on that later, someday.

it just feels like cheating some memories trying to fit them to a Georgia pt 12 font.

( there’s nothing craggy about a blog. )

I’ve finally had time to edit down my images, and I’ll post them soon, promise! but while going through, realized for all the cliffs and golden skies, my favorite and best picture is just of my brother Josh and I.

it was our last day in Doolin, we’d packed and cleaned and emptied the fridge (i.e., ATE EVERYTHING) and drove down to the village one last time. we went to the ocean and walked out and out and out, across the small cliffs and inlets kept busy fighting the turquoise sea.

it was a perfectly warm and clear day, but in typical Irish fashion a massive storm dropped down out of nowhere. we only noticed when it started to rain frigidness, and as we started laughing and running for the faraway car I snapped this.

I love how much we look alike, and remembering the feelings behind our skull-cracking smiles. the crazy joy of where we were, what we’d seen and heard and done, the fact that my parka was ALWAYS in car when it rained, and that we knew we’d come back home again.

cause what’s a story without company.


So many flavors of wonderful. Can’t wait to see/hear more.

love. it.

happy weekending! | scotland

soooo I’m photographing a wedding in Scotland this October.


I’m excited. or, “stoked out of my mind” is how I’ve been putting it lately.

a while ago I heard about one friend who was getting married in Paris, and one in Scotland. fun people at an international wedding (not to mention getting to SEE these places) seemed like the best of all possible worlds so I hoped and hoped someone would be lovely enough to hire me. the Paris wedding got moved to DC but my flight to Edinburgh was just booked so now it’s really really real.

and this wedding is not just located there – judging from the venues it’ll be as authentically gorgeous as imaginable.

the Loch Alvie Church

( Photo credit)

the reception site / hotel

( photo credit )

aaaaand the nearby Cairngorm mountain range

( photo credit )

I had to reread this a couple times before it sank in.

I was able to extend my trip to just under two weeks, so I can see as much of Scotland and England (and maybe Wales?) as possible.

and on top of that? I get to have my crazy friend Grace come with. we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary as friends this year so it’s only appropriate to do something this epic together.

she’s an adrenaline-junkie / gourmet chef / photographer who seems to travel abroad constantly. (haha in the first few minutes of adventure-planning she’d already listed off her favorite restaurants in Oxford we have to visit.)
and! triple score for both being freckled Irish girls so we won’t look like tourists.

I’m starting to compile a list of where I want to go, but castles and train rides are looking pretty boss.

( photo credit )

( photo credit )

it’ll be my first trip to Scotland / England, so let me know if you have any recommendations!

baaahhh! SO EXCITED for you! 😀

Love, love, love this with a million flavors of happiness.


1. 100% silk long johns—->>Very important!! I nearly froze out there!
2. Soak in the intensity of divinity! (its ridiculously perfect!)

a bachelor and bachelorette and their happily ever after

Ohh happy : )

I’m sometimes accused of playing favorites with clients, but life isn’t fair and not everyone’s a winner and Tori + Aaron are pretty much awesome.

She’s actually a darling friend of mine, and is the loveliness behind Marvelous Things Photography in Indiana. We first met online through our friend Micah, (hi!) who actually, we’d both met online as well. Can’t imagine a sketchier way to start a friendship but we met last year when we photographed Micah’s wedding together, and we’ve been kindreds to the nth ever since.

(Who else could put up with my driving?)

Last time she was visiting Aaron in Richmond I drove down for this shoot, and the three of us met for lunch to discuss the all-official details. (Like whether baby carrots or paper airplanes would be more suitable for guests to chuck as they left the reception.) It was a happy little surreal moment when we realized we were at the same place (and almost exactly a year to the date) that she and I had gone to after a wedding, where she’d first mentioned This Guyyyy who was a good friend and fun and cool and basically perfect, but she just didn’t know how he felt.

A couple days later he asked her out, and their years of friendship turned into something marvelous.

Hanging out with them is hilarious. Sarcasm is their love language and they couldn’t be more adorable together even if a rose ceremony depended on it. (…or at least it looks that way after I was able to photoshop the happiness in.)

It was so fun to do their engagement shoot and of course I’m thrillled for their wedding, but I mostly can’t wait till she moves to my state already : )


<3 <3 <3

Holy COW! these are just Incredible! Becka these are so stunning! Great Job!

OH! They look SO fun! Looks like y’all had a blast during this shoot 😀 Your photos are stunning 🙂

Well, aren’t they just the cutest things!! 🙂

There are— quite literally— not even words to express how perfect these shots are. Wow.


These are just amazing, Rebekah!

i can’t stop looking at them all!
they make me sooo happy. 🙂
love, love, love, love.
thanks for all your brilliant amazingness!