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3.11.10 – a boy & girl in love with adventure | preview!

I so loved getting to photograph this couple’s engagement session – andy’s in the navy and abby’s a professional photographer herself! the outdoors were freezing to the enth so we changed plans and explored Union Station and the Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C.. we wanted the shoot to have that sense of adventure and travel, with some whimsical vintage sidenotes. (we even met at Anthropologie a few days before to pick out the perfect outfit! I <3 playing stylist)

I can’t wait to finish editing down the images, have so many favorites! enjoy these for now : )

Um, WOW! These are incredible, Rebekah Murray. Seriously!

these are SO beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Ah, Rebekah!! They are beautiful. Exactly what I had envisioned. šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see the rest!


oh, becka! your improvisation with locations was brilliant & i see in your photos all the qualities you had envisioned. the blue sweater/the couple’s stance in the last one is so striking. i keep returning to it. simply compelling. i followed abigail’s work way back when she posted on xanga so it kind of feels catching up with a friend, to see her sweetheart & their engagement photos. will you include more of their story?


I can’t wait to see the rest too!!!!

Taylor L

i LOVE the 3rd picture!! keep up the good work my saucy friend šŸ™‚


Oh my gosh. 2nd one. Incredible view

Ah, Rebekah!! They are beautiful. Exactly what I had envisioned. šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see the rest!

3.11.10 – a girl with a reasonable excuse

dear reader,

I’m an abysmal blogger.

forgive me? I have such plans for communication, I just need to focus. I’m still gathering my new brand together and am SUCH a perfectionist when it comes to sharing unfinished ideas. I’m sure this trait has some useful qualities but most often introduces itself as a structured annoyance bent on wasting perfectly good time…in photography, friendships, and all those ships.

so i’m learning.

learning how to work towards the expanses while still contentedly focusing on the here and now, where my eager little life breathes.

[ happy sigh ]
I love your work. All of it.

2.14.10 – here’s to the love.

So, a blog!


Not sure why I didn’t get one sooner, having lots of gorgeous white space for all the stories I get to tell is such excitement. Plus it’s the perfect outlet for all my favorite photo-and-writing-related activities and gives you a chance to get to know me and my work.

I’d originally planned to archive my favorite shoots from last year to be caught up by the time I launched this, but instead I think I’ll filter them as I go to do them justice.

For now, I’ll just tell you a bit about myself.

Sidenote: I”m terrified of ladders. Proof of dedication? You betcha.

My dad’s a photographer and I basically grew into the art form without realizing it. He’d often talk about Avedon and apertures and I half-listened until it clicked. I remember the moment it hit me I could take a picture of something else, of something that wasn’t obvious… something just because I wanted to. (eureeeeka!)

For a while I’d take pictures of nothing and everything and sometimes they’d looked kinda nice. I knew I loved photography but the only way I could see it as a job was photographing weddings and I knew for surely positive I’d hate that. So instead I pursued graphic design and kept my camera a fun little hobby.

Through a series of fortunate events I started working for a photography studio as an assistant shooter and photo retoucher. After second-shooting a few dozen weddings realized them + i = sweet sweet love. Coincidentally 97.2% of everyone I knew was getting married and one friend led to another’s another…now I’m a full-time wedding and portrait artist who could not love it more and that’s my little story.

I’m fascinated by hope and love – the kind shown by you and yours, my darlings, and my Jesus. Can’t wait to share these feelings the best way I know how.

Thanks for being here.


P.S. I can’t thank jennifer olmstead enough for her everlasting patience and gorgeous designing. If you need any sort of custom wedding invitations, business identity or just the most perfect chocolate souffle – she’s amazing!


Rebekah… I am such a groupie! ha ha. Your photos are so amazing and you are such an inspiration. Your new site and blog are so fresh and beautiful!! God Bless!

Welcome to the blogging world!
I very much like your work and I’m looking forward to seeing more on here.


Keep it up, Luvvy.

Hi, I’m a friend of Sarah Danaher’s. She posted a link to yours a few weeks back, and have been enjoying your work since. Take care,