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So pictures are nice and all, but there’s nothing like the feeling of paint drying on your fingers or a few scissor snips giving a different meaning to an everyday thing.

I love painting and crafting and making pretty things, and this year I’m set on making time for it again.

My first project was a necklace made from an antique lace doily, and I was so happy when the ever-lovely Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs shared it on her blog as well!

I was making it for my darling chum Katie, and she has a particular bohemian-meets-Anne-Shirley style so I figured it was basically the most perfect idea ever. (she’s since agreed.)

Finding the right doily for this project might have been the hardest part – I wanted one that had good shape and structure, (so it wouldn’t fall apart) but could still look delicate. After a lot of searching I lucked out at a local antique store and got a few bags (!!!) of assorted doilies for about $10, and this was in that collection.

It helped to lay it out first and decide where I would cut, since I wanted it to be large enough to be seen for what it was, while avoiding bib-status.

After cutting the lace I dotted sewing glue around the edges to project it from fraying, and also where the chain would be added, just to be safe. I used needle-nose pliers and jump rings to attach the chain to the lace, and I had to try it a few different ways before getting it look right. (always important to let art develop on it’s own.)

BOOM. Necklace’d.

Ok, and I take back what I said. The hardest part was definitely giving this away : )

Happy Thursday!


  1. Soooooo cute! Love it! Love the $4 button 😀

  2. Ashley Lea says:

    Sooo pretty, Rebekah!

  3. Laurajane says:

    oh i LOVE this so much! i’ve been wanting a bib style necklace for awhile. i never thought of doilies before. my aunt is an antique dealer and for some reason there are a lot of doilies around. so i’m sure she has some that she’d give me. i think finding the chain would be harder though.

  4. Rebekah says:

    I actually just found the chain + clasps at Michaels/Jo Anns! took a little while to find a good vintage-colored metal, but they had a pretty decent selection.

  5. benjamin says:

    this is super-cute (yes i’m a man, yes i just said “super-cute”)! I actually saw this on Elizabeth Ann first and was very excited to see that this was you! nice work!

  6. benjamin says:

    super-cute! I saw this on EA and was excited to see that this was you! nice work and an awesome idea!

  7. Char says:

    LOVE it! So you and so gorgeous!!!

  8. Kelly Spence says:

    I adore this necklace! I wanted to let you know I linked up to your tutorial on FaveCrafts Blog. You can find the post here:

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly Spence, Editor

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