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rebecca | maternity

It’s something of a joke how I rarely / never do maternity shoots, but this was something special.

Rebecca had a distinctive vision that I was so excited to collaborate with, and Lauren blew us away with these incredible florals.

(and then God gave us a perfect sky and everything was swell.)

holy cow.

you do maternity right.

these are BEAUTIFUL.

i’ll be calling you in 5-10 years. okay. 😉


I just can’t get over how incredible each shot is. They are all my favorite.

Maria Krug


These are stunning! You have an amazing eye and have captured Rebecca’s beauty as well the beauty of the country..

Laura Stapleton

These are exceptional. The dress, the flowers, the light – you’ve photographed them all to perfection. Well done. 🙂

SO beautiful. And the light looked so perfect. Love it!

I always look forward to seeing your blog posts and photos because they are so whimsical and magical. There is something so romantic about your style. Love this session 🙂




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