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shona, bridal portrait | edinburgh, scotland

Some days you just want to see the pictures that move you most.

This bridal portrait shoot is something special to me, and for some silly reason I’ve never shared it. It was my first visit to Scotland and there was nothing styled or planned, and the only props were fish and chips she picked up for our quick sidewalk dinner. Nevermind that Shona was frozen through and I’d barely slept in three days, (and the castle closed after TWENTY-THREE MINUTES of our arriving) since I’m incredibly grateful for this afternoon by the sea.

From my few trips to the UK I’ve felt such a sweet and settled excitement, and I do hope to live there someday. Scotland especially is a poem of a country and I know I’ve been so blessed with these chances of finding myself surrounded by a fiercer beauty.  The stones of the castle and the wind by the shore thrilled every bit of my heart and brought my attempts at creativity to a place that felt like home.

I know I have much to learn, but I’m presenting this as both something I’m dearly proud of, and as the direction of what I want to actively pursue.

I hope you enjoy <3

These frames are stunning–I can see why it’s your favorite! There’s something about it that draws me in…the simple, raw, real emotion. Very, very nice.

favorite bridal session ever. ever! not just of yours. you’re right to be proud.

Oh these are just amazing. Love love love every shot!


These pictures are so evocative and authentic! What a treasure for the bride (and for you).

I love your photos from Scotland so much! They’re so passionate and gorgeous.

Oh, these are so lovely. 🙂

!!!!!!! i love absolutely everything about each of these photos so much !!!!!!!!!!!! they really are so incredibly gorgeous and i think you need to print canvases of some of these to hang in an office space or something. i think scotland suits your photography style.

Oh wow. These photos are stunning and so incredibly authentic! And that castle!!!!!! I want to go there. Now.

Gorgeous work!

Shelby G. S.

These are magical. So lovely.

my absolute most favorite pictures of your sever.

aaaaaaand I obviously can’t read or spell. *yours ever.

Holy. cow. These are incredible, Rebekah!! My favorites are definitely the ones of her standing on the rocks. Just…wow.

Oh Rebekah, these just about take my breath away. I really don’t have words.


Wow, girl. Wow. These are so well done.

Stunning, absolutely stunning. I can’t even find the words to describe how beautiful these are!


I(truly madly deeply) enjoyed them all 🙂

Hope you get to go back to Scotland soon!

I’m so excited to see these pictures on your blog – the location for this shoot is close to where I live, and I visit Dirleton Castle regularly. In fact, I recently photographed my sister’s wedding, and the castle was the location for their wedding shoot too! My mum and dad also live locally, and you can see the Bass Rock from their window. I’m so glad you had an opportunity to visit this beautiful part of Scotland 🙂

REBEKAH!!! ALL the images are soooooo freakin´adorable! I can´t believe you hid them for soooo long! I remember last year as I came across Shona and her husbands wedding I showed it to all the people dear to me! I love this couple soooooo much! And now this wonderufl session! I had to pin almost every second pic! You are such an idol for me!!! I love your art! (would love to meet you one day!) ~ Saluti.

I am in awe.

These are stunning, Rebekah. Just amaaaazing. 🙂

these are stunning. love these. 🙂

Shut the front door, Bekah. I can see why you’re so excited/proud/in love with this session. It’s such a breath of fresh air! The world needs more of this, so…please create more for us 🙂

These are STUNNING. So, so good. <3

I just can’t get over how beautiful this session is! I love everything about it 🙂 You are so talented Rebekah!

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