wike + ashley! | washington, dc

Once upon a Georgetown summer, there was a wedding with a special claim to awesomeness.

Hard to say exactly why it won so many imaginary life prizes, guess you just had to be there? Could’ve been having a perfect spring-like day in August, or the most enthusiastic of bridal parties, or the reception closing with every guest linking arms to sing Piano Man at the absolute top of their lungs.

Or maybe some people inspire excitement in whatever they do, so you’d really just have to know Wike and Ashley to understand.

Their ceremony was at the gorgeous old Christ Episcopal Church at 31st and O, and reception at Sequoia restaurant down on the water. Their style was a fun mix of classic DC, bits of nautical, and of course the infamous hot pink dresses. Many thanks to Dan Hogarty for his photography skills and Lindsay Schneider at Sequoia for all her help!

(…and dear guest-whoever-you-are, I promise I forgive you for walking off with my shoes.)


The church didn’t allow any photography during the ceremony, but I swear it was all good and done.

Aaand sweetest bunch of girls ever

Great thing about a summer evening in Georgetown? Plenty of photographers.

Love love love.

Petal’s Edge Floral Design / Fluffy Thoughts Cake!

  1. Lydia says:

    Rebekah, I feel like I know you! And before that scares you, it’s because I keep hearing about you from this person or that person over the years. Today’s latest was that you photographed a friend’s sister’s (Brigette) wedding! It’s exciting to watch you conquer the wedding world back east, and I thought I should officially comment and let you know!

  2. Love on a million levels, in a million ways. And Wike’s face is PRICELESS!!

  3. Carrie says:

    This wedding looks like so much FUN! : )
    Love way you captured that. Also, the picture of the light coming through the door tops it all.
    way to go chica. : )

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