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buck & sarah | washington dc engagement

The weddings of wedding professionals are always special in a fascinating way, when the photographers and florists and designers find themselves on the other side of the craft they’ve poured their heart into.

When one such photographer is also a longtime chum – one who lives to encourage those around her through their hard days and bright nights with countless reminders of the love of Christ – when you get that midnight text with the ring and the hand and the glittering words,
it’s a sweet joy of finally, it’s her turn.

So here’s to you, Sarah.
Cheering for you and your exceptional man, and this Pollyanna-come-true time of life.


these are wonderful

Next level, Bekah. So so so beautiful. And they are just beaming and full of joy. Love all of these. 🙂

So much win. Yes yes. Bravo.


Wow. Breathtaking and beautiful.
You make the ordinary look extraordinary and everyday life in love look so desirable.

I love you and your images, Rebekah J.

These are BEAUTIFUL! So excited for these two (:


wow. so. perfect. tears of joy.

Oh man. I love this. It’s so sophisticated, but not too heavy and moody! Excited for you both and can’t wait for y’all to be MARRIED!!

Tears. Love this. You’ve captured us SO perfectly.

Wow! I absolutely love these photos. What a fun idea to have them sit down and do an activity!


Oh, this is goodness!! Congratulations again Buck and Sarah!! Tori and I were just talking about a night a couple years ago when we all went to see Bekah speak at SmugMug in DC and we were standing on the curb talking about “this guy” and how exciting and confusing it was. 🙂

NO WORDS!!! This is so amazing. Sarah, you deserve every ounce of happiness the world can give you. Love every image!

I was so hoping you´d photography Sarah & Buck the first time I saw this ring snapshot on Twitter!!! SOOOO COOL! I´m sooo happy for you guys! And these images just filled me with incredible joy about your love and beauty and photography and ah! All!
I love every single one of the images!!
Extra joyous hugs from Germany! ~ Saluti.

Turned out amazing!! Great job and congrats to Sarah 🙂

They are SO darling. Beautiful captures, Rebekah!!! YAAAY, Sarah and Buck!!

SOOO happy for them! Sarah is going to be such an amazing bride and better yet…wife! They are beautiful Rebekah!!!

oh. so. lovely. Rebekah!!

Super excited for Buck & Sarah. yay-yay-YAY!!!!

So lovely!

I love these!!! So perfect and unique. 🙂

Oh so beautiful, in every way.

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

eeeeee! i’ve been dying to see these. every single one is just PERFECT. so sweet, so happy! <3

I am SO GLAD I stumbled across these!! Ahhh! They’re absolutely fantastic!

Absolutely perfect – lovely images, Rebekah. Have been following Sarah’s blog for quite a while now, so it’s especially enjoyable to see these precious photos!

What a beautiful couple and gorgeous images! Thank you for sharing! I am so excited for Sarah and Buck!!

These are perfect, Rebekah! They couldn’t get any more adorable, could they? hehe 🙂 Congrats, Sarah!!

love these!!! how exciting =)

Oh! These are so sweet! Lovely work, Rebekah!

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