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tania & christopher | kennebunkport, maine

Magical 🙂

Stunning 🙂

Oh wow wow wow. These are magic. Loveliness layered upon loveliness.


These are so soft and romantic and… perfect.

I agree with Allix B….magical. Everything you touch turns to magic and wonderfulness. Like, I fee like I was there experiencing what the bride was.

You are truly great, Bekah.

This one is such a great Wedding!!!! It´s certainly a new favorite of mine! I soooo much love how you capture emotions & atmosphere Rebekah! Lovely big times!!!!
Very beautiful couple, I really like her cheekbones and smile!
~ Saluti from Germany!!

murray- I don’t know why or how i hadn’t seen these.. but they speak to my soul like none other- for real. love you

claire & colby | cazenovia lake, new york

Logistically speaking, this wedding was Father of the Bride 3. The months leading up to it were characterized by legendary home-remodeling problems with renovations on their renovations and a recurring theme of hurricane-level storms. I can’t imagine how much work went into bringing this event to life, but that’s just a part of the loving this group could be famous for.

Weddings show in a day how a couple have lived up until that point, and Claire and Colby were shown to be incredible at loving the people in theirs. The love returned in the excitement, appreciation, ceremony and speeches (all 268 of them) was amazing to see. Being welcomed into this beautiful weekend on the lake was something special, and I hope we did it justice : )

…& thanks to Paula for being an amazing second shooter and travel buddy! <3

I loved every one of these! You tell a really great story 🙂

Wow. That first shot is incredible!
Yes, you definitely tell a beautiful story.

Un. Freaking. Believable. Amazing work, Rebekah!


Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing !!! Love, love, love !!

You’re such a beast. soso good.


Belíssimo trabalho!,… Parabéns!