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new website + a giveaway!

( This will be wordy and sappy for a bit, so if you’re just here for the giveaway then skip to the bottom! )

Every so often a creative will reflect and rebrand and redirect their focus. It’s interesting and fun and often needed, but always takes longer than you’d expect and can be more more emotionally-involved than you’d prefer, simply because anytime you and others heavily critique your work you begin to question the meaning of work and purpose and life and struggle to find that “voice”  we’re supposedly so chummy with and eventually find plenty of reasons to talk ourselves out of what we initially hoped to do. (Orrr maybe that’s just me?)

I don’t want to get too melodramatic, (being a day into 26 has made me so wise and nostalgic) but I do want to mention why this day feels so significant. Work started on the rebrand of a simple website (simple as in 127 pages of color-coded galleries arranged by editing style and emotion) last spring, and I feel like the process for designing has been the same for life in the year since:

A brickload of honest critiques, coming to terms of what I’m ok without, and a quiet contentment with the goodness that remains.

After months of burnout I went half-time with photography this year and got another job to make up the difference. I didn’t talk about it much but I just hit a pretty apathetic low of life. A few weeks ago I left for England hoping that some time away would help me find direction,  since I was this close to quitting altogether. It was a weird place to be mentally since there was nothing else I wanted either, and then there’s the how-much-are-we-really-supposed-to-love-our-jobs argument that I have no clear answer for.

I prayed for peace and direction but didn’t quite have the faith to believe that God would answer…but He did beyond everything ever.

I had some of the best days ever during those weeks away, and as an answer to prayer I can say that I have that next step I was hoping for. It’s all still a work in progress and I don’t know how some new developments will play out, (hopefully a lot more work in Europe though!) but through peace and joy and a piece of caramel cheesecake – I’m fully back to photography and so happy to be here : )


Soooooooo the website!

The design was a collaboration of my darling friend Jennifer and myself, with snippets of beautiful life thanks to the best clients in the world.

It’s wonderful to have a friend who is a graphic designer, and it’s even better to still be friends after a project like this haha. Jen is one of the most encouraging and influential friends I’ve ever had, and I can’t imagine life without her generosity, her sarcasm, and every beautiful thing that comes out of her kitchen.

For the website I wanted the feel of a guided tour through an art gallery in a Victorian home, (you can see my inspiration here on Pinterest) and she did exactly that! Over the months we changed and simplified the look a dozen times, and I can’t thank her enough for patiently making adjustments and coming up with so many fresh and genius ideas.

Here are bits of my favorite parts, but please go look for yourself! It’s meant to be something of an experience, so take your time wandering through.


Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by



So what’s a happy day without some presents?

To celebrate both the launch today and my birthday yesterday, I’m giving away a few pretty things to one lucky person.

  • One of my favorite home-decorating books, to inspire your spaces
  • Hair chalk, for the temporarily adventurous
  •  100 darling hand-lettered post cards, which can also double as wall art!

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Like my business page on Facebook, like this post, and leave a comment with your email address.

Super easy!

I’ll pick a winner by random Thursday night, and mail it out right away. Best of luck!

With much, much love,

Wow!! Your new website is so gorgeous and unique!!! Love it

Missy R

Happy birthday and new website!! 🙂

Ashley Bennett

Yay! Website launch!

i looked at your website earlier today and i keep thinking about it. i love love love it! it’s so you. and reading through it, i forgot how much we are a like. sometimes i feel like i have a slightly alternate personality living inside of me in tiny form and most of the time it’s very much like you. haha. (i sure hope that makes sense)
and i would love to win this contest because those are the most awesome prizes ever! i’ve seriously been wanting to color the ends of my hair pink, but i’m way too terrified to do it with real dye. and hand lettered notecards are like my love language. haha

on a side note, i think we need to plan a time to get together because i miss your lovely self. 🙂


Aw, your new website is great! I am also greatly intrigued by hair chalk.

SO BEAUTIFUL. absolutely love it.

your new website is amazing. I feel like I could play on it forever. seriously so gorgeous, I’m in love. and email address for the giveaway– excited for you!

Tina Minor

Rebekah, I love your new website! I admire you for following the desires of your heart and listening to that small, still voice which is the Lord!! Keep clicking for HIM!!

Tina Minor

and the email address is….. !!!!!!

I love, love the new look ! and I liked your FB page and I loved this post ! my email-


Love the redesign. The music is lovely and amazing. I’m going to be leaving your homepage tab open frequently. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your burnout and struggles. But glad that God answered your prayers in England (I mean, really, what better place to go to seek God?).

I love the hair chalk and the cards! Like, if I don’t win I want to buy them, love. 😀

Thanks for the giveaway! (From a lurker who is comment for the first time)


Your website is truly one of a kind – wonderful job!

I know I already gushed about it on FB, but serrrriiiiously, it’s so so amazing. easily the best rebrand I’ve ever seen. thanks for inspiring us all!

I liked your business page long ago, and I’m liking this post!

Love the new site. Congratulations and happy birthday!!

Like I said earlier, your website is incredible–as are you.
Amazing gifts…I was just thinking I’d adore some stationery!
Of course I’ve been a fan of your business page for quite some time now, but I’ll certainly like this post (and cross my fingers 🙂


This is lovely.

I am so impressed, not just with the website but also with the level of soul-baring you’re up for in such a public space. It reminds me of that gif you posted about not being sure whether to go for the hug or the handshake after a client meeting–you’re so great at getting beyond the ‘merely’ professional! I, for one, was deeply grateful for that. I was sorry to read about your ambivalence with wedding photography, but then I can imagine that someone committed to a life of authenticity and adventure has to let some things go in order to take hold of others. That said, I’m (selfishly?) glad I’ll still have a “Rebekah J. Murray photography” to enjoy, albeit in a new form. (Maureen dot and dot Dave dot 2012 at gmail dot com.)

Lovely new site. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you!


Bekah, the website is absolutely beautiful! Kudos to you and Jen–two of the most lovely and creative women I know. So grateful you didn’t give up on photography and stay far, far away in England. Best of luck with your new endeavors!


What a great design for your new site, love it!

LOVE the new site! So excited for you!

lauralizphoto at gmail dot com

I feel almost guilty commenting, as if I’m doing so merely to win a prize. But you know me better than that, so comment I will.

I love you. And all of the sweet bits of awesome and amazing that color your life and the love that infuses your work. All of the heart and soul and wrestling that went into this site. It’s SO PERFECT.


Welcome back!! I love how your site so beautifully reflects you!! Congratulations on such an accomplishment!
All the best to you. <3


Brianne Totman

love your site! thanks for sharing such a beauty… your work is incredibly touching and inspiring and surely makes many souls very happy!

Oh my, how I love you. I’m so so excited for you, the peace you’ve gotten & the launch of this amaaaazing site!!! Love love love. (And you have my email 🙂

ooooo hair chalk! LOVE LOVE LOVE the site 🙂

This just makes my heart so happy. Oh, Becka. Your website is beautiful and like a dream and so very you. Love it (and you!), friend. 🙂


Shaina Smith

Oh Bekah, the redesign is simply lovely! It seems to clearly reflect you…or what little I know of you! Elegant, creative, caring, deep…with a little whimsy mixed in 🙂 May the Lord bless and keep you. And may His face shine upon you and give you peace as you journey on!


I love the new website! I’ve always been a big fan of your works. 🙂 xx Love from Malaysia. p.s. My email’s

love love love. 🙂

You know I’m dying over your website, but I’ll say it again. Just dying.


I used to go to your old website, browse and be inspired, and then leave it open as I did other work for hours… I’ve always loved that music! Your new site is beautiful and I am a huge fan and supporter of your art 🙂 And happy belated!


Your new design is quite simply you. It was really great to hear all about the process!

Lauren Cardwell

Rebekah, I am so happy that you’ve decided to stick with photography full time. God has blessed you with a beautiful talent. Your work is lovely!

Cutest giveaway! Email is

Cutest giveaway! Shoot me an email at

I’m so excited that you’re still in photography! Your work is amazing, and the website beautifully reflects your creativity!

Sarah C

Love the new website!!

For archive purposes, I recommend putting up a screen print of a few of your ol’ website pages. Namely the great bio shot of yourself in your painting jeans! That shot made me understand your commitment to your craft and your playful, experimental delight in your art-making efforts. I realize it’s ol’ hat for you and that there is much more exciting, updated bits, but I do so love a nod to the past.

Email: antiquerain (at) hotmail (dot) com

I want treats!!! 😀 Beautiful, my friend. A job well done.


you are a marvel.


now that the internet is such a fixture in my life, it’s humdrum to me, and no website has stunned or excited me in months. your photography website is the exception. it is like an art tour, but more than that, it is an introduction to your passions & your wild creativity & the depth of your heart. utterly beautiful. i’m praising alongside you for the peace and clarity that God has brought.

I love your new site! Beautiful design. Love it!


Lovely new site! Fun giveaway too. 🙂


Oh, I’m such a fan! As a college student trying to make my way into the world of wedding photography, your work is hugely inspirational to me. And it’s obvious that the work you do is blessing to your clients as well.


So excited for you!



well you are just the most talented and i hear you on the career soul-searching! i think C and i are kind of in that spot, too, hoping to get some light about how much we’re supposed to love our work and what would be the right jobs for each of us, that we can feel really deeply passionate about.
it’s clear that you bring crazy talent and soul to your photography–it shows in every single image.
also, those postcards are rad, and when i inevitably don’t win, i want to figure out where they’re from and buy some!
big hugs xoxo


LOVE the new website!! Feels like walking through a story. Perfect images & words. I want to keep exploring it!

Lauren Rosa


Emily Shirey

Congratulations, Rebekah on the new website…it is stunning and home-y. Love it!

your work has been such an inspiration to me for several years now. thanks very much, and congrats on the new website! I wish I could travel europe with you. 🙂


Ahhh Rebekah, the site is absolutely exquisite. It just makes me want to live in a world where life is that beautiful. While I am entering the giveaway, is there also any chance that I could get prints of some of your landscape photos? I’m in a redecorating stage, and your photos just make me sigh. With happiness of course. Either way, congratulations on the website. It’s truly incredible.

I LOVE your new site SO much! GAH!! I seriously cannot get over it! The music & the navigation & the overall feel… it’s my new favourite thing. <3

this is SO amazing!! what a great thing you’ve got going here. 🙂


Simply stunning.


you know ive been stalking.. i already fill out a contact us form! ahha. but i love it. seriously love it. its so amazing, beautiful and so you. thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

Ps this is reason303030 why kevin should get facebook. he could have given us double entries!


you know ive been stalking.. i already fill out a contact us form! ahha. but i love it. seriously love it. its so amazing, beautiful and so you. thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

Wouldn’t it just be the most ironic thing if I won?

(And by “ironic,” I mean “wonderful,” and by “won,” I mean, “If you fixed the whole shebang so I win.”)

Loved every second of working with you, even the emotionally-ordered photograph matching game. Which is saying a lot. Proud to have you as a friend, and even more proud to have helped create something that showcases you so wonderfully to the world!


I love this, it’s beautiful!!!!

Love the new website!

Your website is absolutely breathtaking. And…I may or may not have kept it open all morning at work so I could listen to the beautiful piece by Dale. haha! Congratulations, keep up the amazing work. 🙂


You know my email darling but here it is anyway 🙂

The website looks amazing and I’m so glad England was exactly what you needed!

My hat’s off to you, Rebekah — your new site is clean, whimsical and eye-catching with a good deal of heart thrown in for good mixture. Thanks for continuing to share about your journey of creating art with your trademark mixture of self-awareness, humor, beauty and faith. So glad that I can continue to pass others your way! (kateambrosepollard(at)gmail(dot)com)

Oh my word. Your site is too fabulous. I browsed around it yesterday and was almost in tears. Too much beauty! (The music you have there could not be more perfect. It matches the dramatic-fairytale-but-still-so-real style of your photography so well.)
If I wasn’t sure before that you were my favorite before, I am now. Oh, and happy birthday!

Love your new website & all of it’s uniqueness! So beautiful! And loved hearing your heart concerning your work. Thank you for sharing & being raw! xoxo

Love your new website and all of it’s uniqueness! So beautiful! And loved hearing your heart concerning our work & business. Thank you for sharing & being raw! xoxo


This website could use a photo or two of a bunch of groomsmen running around shirtless in bow-ties and suspenders… now where could we find a picture like that…hmm?

Truly beautiful. “The feel of a guided tour through an art gallery in a Victorian home.” <3

Erika Gebel

Love the new site…and that you’re in an area local to me!


Discovered you through a friend of mine. Love your blog and website! Email address:

I’m a huge fan! 🙂

Dear Rebekah!
OHH how much I enjoyed your new page! I keep going back! I mentioned it before and I´ll write it again! You are an super HUGE inspiration for me!!!!!

I´m ever so glad you were able to face the break and make a new start! I hope you are all well and settled with the situation now! I´m soooo looking forward to your new projects!!
Thank you for sharing this on the Blog! I was wondering how you were.
If you would like to expand to Europe PLEASE shoot me a line if you have any projects in Germany/Italy! I´d love to hear from you, or meet up, or eat cheese cake, or work on a project together!
Loads of love from Germany,

Your new website is off the chains. So great.

What a lovely little package give-away! 🙂 My email is as follows: I liked your business page many moons ago, and I am now liking this post! 🙂


The website is gorgeous!


as always. . . AMAZING!

The website is fantastic!!! Glad you are sticking around to show us more of this beautiful life 🙂

Oh man, your new website is absolutely lovely! I adore your work as well– you’re so talented, and I aspire to be like you when I grow up. C:

My email is, by the way.

Anna Elliott

I love your new and improved website, Becka! It’s a lovely exhibition of your beautiful self and genius work. I’ll be looking forward to more of the love stories and adventures you have to share this year. xo


Beautiful! Very exciting.

Hello. I absolutely ADORE your photography. I feel like the places and events you photograph are something out of a storybook. You truly have a gift.

Email for the giveaway:


This is lovely! Thanks for the chance!

I just recently found your work and I just have to say it is lovely! I understand the near burn out and am glad you took a break and are back on track! I look forward to following your adventures, and seriously this giveaway is awesome. Great way to celebrate a new site

Susanna Stoltzfus

Best wishes to you on your lovely new site! Happy belated birthday too!

Susana Stoltzfus

and i forgot the email:

Toni Svonavec

I love the feel of the site! I was inspired by how you integrated your faith in your work on the site and here on your blog. Hope to see more of that.


This is so creative.

Megan Platt

Your work is beautiful and the new website looks great! I’m excited to have found your work through other friends & I look forward to following your adventures!

I’m still swooning over your lovely site, perfectly perfect! and it wouldn’t be terrible to win these pretties either 🙂


Fabulous! Congrats on the new website and another year around the sun!

Joanna Cole

Your work is always inspiring! Great job friend;)


Your new website is absolutely stunning..
I know how much of a trial that can be, and you have succeeded brilliantly!
Congratulations 🙂


I love the look of your new site! Props to you and Jennifer. Keep up the good work Rebekah 🙂


If I win, I’ll wait until AFTER the child arrives to ask for a shoot. Just because I love you so much.

The new site looks AMAZING! I know the feeling of not being sure what path to go down but I’m so glad the Lord has given you such peace and direction now. He gives us what we need right when we need it. Awesome choices for a giveaway too! As always, you’re SO cool! 😉


your website is perfect.
your soul is beautiful.
and you are gorgeous.
(as always.)

I am in love with your new site! Amazing job to all involved! Keep up the good work!


I love the new website!! Keep up the beautiful work, Rebekah! May the Lord continue to bless you in all that you do. 🙂

kayla sterner

I love the authenticity you have when you write. I am so inspired by your natural gift and hope to see much more from you in years to come. Follow your bliss. 🙂

Laura Ritchie

I have taken the day to actually sit down and read through you full post here and I am so glad I did. I honestly am so happy for you and to know you for the couple of years, even from afar, has been great, but even more so I think your new site reflects your work SO WELL. Your wedding last year of Jacque at Sequoia was so stunning and showcased her lovely personality so well.

I do hope that your time away in England and the fabulous pictures you took of our clients, made you feel the love back to how wonderful you are at your job and passion…photography.

It would be a shame to loose your talent and I am so glad you are back with a full heart and I can’t wait for our events together this year.

Cheers to you!


Our pastor has that t-shirt with wings.

you are too cute. way to listen to the Lord! His way is best! #howHelovesus

Absolutely beautiful site. Many congratulations to you!


Your site is absolutely beautiful! I am so glad that I have found your work through other blogs and I can’t wait to see more! My email is, and to own any of the things that you are giving away would be an absolute dream.


Your new website looks beautiful!

eleanor + kevin, engaged, bournemouth, england


Ooooh Bekah.
I can’t.
These are so good.
His smile, her hair, their hands and the darling fair-aisle sweater.
Your talent is magnificent. You captured the shyness and the grandeur together.

OMG SWOON! I want to go back soooooooooooooooooooooo bad. OMG I love these photos please keep posting more! I am doing another England post next week 😀

SWOONING!!!! This is amazing and I cannot wait for their incredible wedding this Spring. So excited to partner with you on this. 🙂

I’m obsessed. These are ridiculously AMAZING.

You never cease to amaze me. Gah.
The feel of these images i so natural and exhilarating! I love the perspectives you choose. May I grow up and be like you?
My favorite shot here would have to be the one from above where they’re walking on the beach. But of course each frame is spectacular on its own.

ohhhhh bekah.
so good.
incredibly beautiful. and that wind and well, just ENGLAND. mmmm. love.


oh glory. so, so wonderful.

BEKAH. oh my gracious. these are so so good. way to go.

Little One

You two are absolutely meant for each other. Prime example of what true love is 🙂

… there are no words.

Lovely. You get an incredibly strong sense of their personalities.


Love these pics Eli!! You guys look BEAUTIFUL and completely in LOVE!! Hope you are always always HAPPY together 😀

Taylor H

What a beautiful place to capture such a beautiful thing as love. 🙂
Love your pictures, and love you! Hope you’re having a grand time on your adventure!

Hannah T

quite possibly my most favorite engagement session you’ve ever done. These are spectacularly beautiful! The sky, the light, the love – perfection.

AH!! Favorite is the 6th up from the bottom. Joy!!


My heart is just soaring! These pictures make me feel like I am apart of their beautiful love story, even if I’m a thousand miles away. Your talent is beyond words. I’m

These are amazing!

love these!!!

Gorgeous Gorgeous stuff, girly! I think I want to marry his red sweater. This couple has crazy awesome style! Truly gorgeous photos, as per usual. xoxo

[…] a day of epic engagement pictures with these darlings. you can see the shoot here! […]

Phoebe Lewis

Rebekah – I rarely (if ever!) comment on blogs but I just had to say – these are absolutely stunning photos! Breathtaking, really. I seriously hope you can photograph my wedding one day. 🙂