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behind the scenes!



I’ve had some dearly amazing people shoot with me this year, (Joe! Beth! Dan! Ally! Hailey! Grace! Rachel!) but I wanted to thank Paula in particular.

She shot most of my weddings with me, does culling + album design at my office, and became such a good friend through this crazy year. I strongly believe that a second shooter should be an extension of yourself and someone who understands how you work, and she far exceeded expectations in our work together this year.

She’s so talented as a photographer and cares deeply for people, relationships, and other important things — like finding the perfect Irish pub, Free People clothes, and shockingly-bright lipstick. I honestly can’t imagine this year without her! So grateful for all the good times and fun weekends away, and for all the beautiful pictures we made together.

Love love love.

umm, you’re adorable, as always.

also, i love the twirling photo.

AND. i neeed to know where you got those tights!

I love this. how are you so cute?

I’ve decided I would like to be you when I grow up.


Super cute! and I LOVE the dress from the first shot ๐Ÿ˜€

I love this, darling. xoxo

Hannah Forsberg

These are wonderful!

You’re pretty great ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

Rebekah, what a year! I am so thankful I got to meet you and Paula! And am so happy to hear of all the adventures you went on. Lovely behind the scenes.


Bekah, you are so sweet. I could not have imagined this year without you either! I am SO incredibly grateful to have met you and to have worked along side such an amazingly talented, beautiful person. Nik and I just sat on the couch hysterically laughing at all of my expressions haha! I didn’t realize how many ridiculous faces I made (may need to work a little bit on that for this year lol), but nonetheless, we had some really great laughs because of it. Thank you for being so awesome. Love you!!

i seriously love the photo of you twirling. it’s like you’re entire being is captured in that one photo. you’re wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

you are way too cute! I love every one of your outfits, can I be you when I grow up??

Awww, I soo love the glimpses behind your lens! Thank you for sharing! The one of you twirling is super precious!!
~ Saluti.


Can we please meet and be friends? For realz, actually?
Your style sense is matched only by those incredible photography chops. I have to navigate my way to the East Coast.

jen + brandon | weyers cave engagement

I’ve tried for a while now, but there’s no easy way to summarize this couple or their relationship or the goodness behind these pictures with a few polite sentences. There’s just too much held dear about the things we’ve done together, and celebrating the 4th of July on this farm in the country
was the best of it all.

I’m grateful. Grateful to call them friends, for the life we’ve journeyed together, and to have the best job in the world this weekend.

sheesh. these are SO GOOD. i love them. some of your best work i think!

AH. I love these, bekah. so so good. they look like summer. beeeeautiful.

Bekah! These are beautiful!

*happy sigh*
These are just so full of happiness and beauty! I adore the last few and that amazing light. ๐Ÿ™‚

So much great light!! love the ones in the grass! ~ Saluti.

Gorgeous! Love all the light and color.