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a bachelor and bachelorette and their happily ever after

Ohh happy : )

I’m sometimes accused of playing favorites with clients, but life isn’t fair and not everyone’s a winner and Tori + Aaron are pretty much awesome.

She’s actually a darling friend of mine, and is the loveliness behind Marvelous Things Photography in Indiana. We first met online through our friend Micah, (hi!) who actually, we’d both met online as well. Can’t imagine a sketchier way to start a friendship but we met last year when we photographed Micah’s wedding together, and we’ve been kindreds to the nth ever since.

(Who else could put up with my driving?)

Last time she was visiting Aaron in Richmond I drove down for this shoot, and the three of us met for lunch to discuss the all-official details. (Like whether baby carrots or paper airplanes would be more suitable for guests to chuck as they left the reception.) It was a happy little surreal moment when we realized we were at the same place (and almost exactly a year to the date) that she and I had gone to after a wedding, where she’d first mentioned This Guyyyy who was a good friend and fun and cool and basically perfect, but she just didn’t know how he felt.

A couple days later he asked her out, and their years of friendship turned into something marvelous.

Hanging out with them is hilarious. Sarcasm is their love language and they couldn’t be more adorable together even if a rose ceremony depended on it. (…or at least it looks that way after I was able to photoshop the happiness in.)

It was so fun to do their engagement shoot and of course I’m thrillled for their wedding, but I mostly can’t wait till she moves to my state already : )


<3 <3 <3

Holy COW! these are just Incredible! Becka these are so stunning! Great Job!

OH! They look SO fun! Looks like y’all had a blast during this shoot 😀 Your photos are stunning 🙂

Well, aren’t they just the cutest things!! 🙂

There are— quite literally— not even words to express how perfect these shots are. Wow.


These are just amazing, Rebekah!

i can’t stop looking at them all!
they make me sooo happy. 🙂
love, love, love, love.
thanks for all your brilliant amazingness!

a boy and girl and their exceptional furniture.


so i know i’m months behind on blogging, but i just had to share this from today’s engagement shoot.

you’d have to know these amazing folks to appreciate how perfectly THEM the day was, but at least know they spent weeks scouring antique shops for the perfect chair to bring along.

…and then they found the Throne.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Your clients ROCK.

AHHHHH!!!! I love it! So very Phil and Asriel! 😀

beautiful shot, Rebekah!


This is superbly unique!

happy weekending! | home

ah! i’ve missed this series.

between being busy and busier this afternoon, i tried to research ideas of where i’d like to go and what i’d wear and all that.

i tried, but wasn’t feeling it.

this weekend, my happy weekending spot is right where i am.

i’m filled with hope and and goodness and the addictive accomplished feeling of GETTING STUFF DONE. tomorrow i have Wike + Ashley’s most excellent wedding in Georgetown, a few interviews with prospective clients on Sunday, and tonight i’m home, working and hanging out with my much-loved family.

i hope your weekend is happy just where it is.

My weekend is equally content, full of travel on the road and headed back toward my home.