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happiest weekending

In 3.5 hours

my favorite older brother and I

are leaving for Ireland


It’s been a dream of ours for so long and I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE FINALLY GOING!

I’ve had this stupid grin on my face all week and I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing me gush but I can’t help it.

God’s been so faithful these past couple months (and the 23 years before) and I feel so blessed to have come out with so much to be thankful for. Getting to go on this trip is a most undeserved extra bit of love that makes me excited enough to be practically jealous of myself.

I know folks go to Europe all the time and have a swell time and get on with their lives, but this trip, for me, is kind of a big deal. I’ve always had this vague picture of what my favorite soul-place would look like, like a nostalgic missing for what I haven’t seen yet. The crashing sea and charcoal skies, the lush fields and quiet streets – I know this is it.

This trip is perfect timing too, as I’ve been in a rut for a while, creatively speaking. I know artists can come across as self-absorbed whiners, but it’s a very real feeling and I’m so grateful to have 10 days away from the technical strangulations of managing a business to refocus.

I know photographers also struggle with experiencing life versus documenting it, so as a healthy exercise of self-control I’m not going to let myself touch a camera the first two days. But I’m bringing a Holga camera and half a dozen rolls of film so I can’t wait to experiment with the foggy light. (all photo cred: Wikipedia)

I love to travel but dislike touring, so we’re not going to do any grand trek of the country. We have a house just outside the coastal village of Doolin, with a view of the Cliffs of Moher for our most lovely holiday by the sea. We’re only going to be an hour from Galway so I’m sure we’ll travel around some, but we’re just keeping it spontaneous. I’m just happy to spend my days exploring the area and our nights listening to music at the local pubs.


I haven’t packed or anything so I should start on that, but I hope you have a beautiful week and can’t wait to share the stories!


I don’t have anything new to say on this subject. I’m too happy for you to be jealous of you right now. Bask in every inch of beauty you see, my lovely.

OH!I went to Ireland 2 years ago; you will LOVE it 😀

Have so much fun! Praying for you!

happy weekending! | Fernando de Noronha

a weekly if-only on where I’d like to go & what I’d want to bring along

World, meet Fernando de Noronha.

It’s a cluster of islands and islets about 200 miles off the northeastern Brazilian coast. My younger brother is coming home this weekend from a missions trip in Brazil, and so that was my inspiration for this weekend’s exploring. (And maybe tickets are cheaper now that they’re in mourning for their loss to the Netherlands today?)

I’d most want to go there for scuba diving, especially to see this gorgeous warship that sunk off the coast in 1987. Wikipedia insists it’s in pristine condition so I can’t quite imagine anything cooler.

And the dolphins! Every day the oldest and largest school of them gather in the Bay of Dolphins to go out hunting for food. They all leave around 2pm and return at 5pm….all 1000 of them. How surreal would that be? (Photos from here + here.)

Of course a diving exploration couldn’t be tolerated without proper documentation, so I’d like to add an underwater housing to my wish list. And not just for the trip – dreamy underwater portraiture excites me mostest and I can’t wait to experiment sometime. Do you know if there are any affordable-ish ones? I know that’s not something you want to skimp on quality, but at almost $3K this won’t be played with anytime soon.

And finally, for my time above water I think I’d like one of these linen hats from Urban. I love the asymmetrical brim, but can’t decide which color I prefer.

My real-life weekend should be pretty stellar in it’s own right – my darling friend Sarah is in town and we’ve been vintage-ing and photo-shooting and getting stoked for Hayley & Rob’s gorrrgeous wedding tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

I don’t know if I should look at these posts….they make me have travel envy! haha. That place is stunningly gorgeous. 🙂

Um, hello, I would love to join you there!! 😉

I love the way you dream.

washington DC engagement | mike + danielle!


mike and danielle are one of the most exciting and genuine couples I’ve ever worked with….they’re like the epitome of unpretentious goodness that everyone wants to have around. I think our every “client meeting” includes enough laughter to result in odd stares from every neighboring table.

they’re both recent Tech graduates but have been dating since high school. last winter mike took her on a Choose Your Own Adventure trip around DC, where at each place she had to blindly choose where they went next. (but mike, being clever, made all the choices the same) for the shoot we kinda followed their explorations, starting at the Theodore Roosevelt Park, went on to Georgetown and ended where he proposed – on the roof of the Kennedy Center.

(hahah and I think my all time favorite shooting style compliment would be mike noticing I’m “easy to kiss in front of.” excuse me while I update my resume…)


mike works in construction so first off we had a Build Your Own Playground challenge, -and what a sweet location eh?

our tribute to

told you they’re fun.

gosh i love these so muchthen Georgetown, and “buildings…with the bricks…”

ahhh favorites!

and just in case we didn’t have enough favorites, a gorgeous sunset met us at their corner of the Kennedy Center’s rooftop where he proposed, and life was beautiful.

thanks guys for being so undeniably awesome, and I’m stoked for all the good times we have left : )

probably one of my very favorite shoots you’ve ever done. you TOTALLY captured “them.”

Absolutely what an engagement shoot should be. And reason number 762.5 why I love your work so much, why I want you to do my engagement session, why I want you to shoot my wedding, why I want you to take pictures of my first born child… etc.

danielle & mike

thanks becca!!! we think you’re pretty sweet too 🙂
we can’t wait till the wedding and we’re so blessed to know someone as wonderful and talented as you!

Wow! Those reflection shots are money! Great job!

Wow, your work blows my MIND! God has gifted you GREATLY! Your photo perspectives are wonderful. LOVE everything 😀

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