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the happiest business cards of my life.

so I have this thing for paint.

it’s more on a bright-incalculable-soul level, a love for all things tangible and abstract,…the powers of color and textures and intriguing subtleties found when color meets space and brushstrokes spread the love from paper’s edge to edge.

the drama of art is an endless fascination.

a friend made me a journal once with “the splatter girl” on it’s spine, and I guess that’s what I’ve been known for. I used to cover t-shirts and walls with the delicious spontaneity for everyone who’d humor me, and those days were mighty loved.

earlier this year when I was rebrandinging my photography business, I decided paint was the only theme I could really be excited about. after more thought, it turned out to be perfect. I have this habit of over-analyzing or romanticizing every thought that enters my brain, but I don’t think I’m crazy in believing that the art of painting is very much like the magic of relationships.

the colors, the texture, the layers – the unique expressiveness.

and photography? I’m entirely driven by feelings, (INFP to the nth!) and I want my people to genuinely see themselves and their imaginative love in the images we make together.


the amazing jennifer olmstead tied all my ideas together and designed these beautiful cards. and then! it seemed only appropriate to paint the other sides : )

(and yes, I ignored the tons of paint I already had and splurged on a new CRAYOLA WATERCOLOR SET.
you’re never too old for that new-box-of-crayons joy!)

. . . and then I had fun.

ahhh I just love them!

if you might have friends who need pretty pictures, I’d love to send you a bunch to give out! nearly all of my work is through word of mouth and I can’t appreciate that enough.

so anyways, if we ever meet and you see dried paint under my nails. . . now you know why : )

Just wanted to let you know that these are FANTASTIC:)

love, love, lovvvve!
they’re amazing & gorgeous and sooo perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

You inspire me.
I want some.

i LOVE them, you’re so creative….now what should i do for me? lol

OH MY GOSH, THEY TURNED OUT EVEN BETTER THAN I / WE IMAGINED! I need some for my portfolio. OH my gosh. My favorite!

I love them!!

um, those are the happiest business cards of my life too. Can i say that?! they’re AH-mazing. hands down awesome.


These are amazing!

i’m so into watercolors right now and these are so perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚ beautiful!

I absolutely LOVE your work, enthusiasm, attitude, etc. I am pretty crafty and I have always wished that I could paint. I never got around to taking a class. I make cards and invitations. My customers often ask for “watercolor painted” invitations… Like flowers and things. I can’t do that but I can refer them to you if you send me some cards or just your info! Thanks!

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Love it and inspired

THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE THAT YOU ADDED YOUR own spin on the cards. I’ll definitely be using these as inspiration when I design/make my own business cards ๐Ÿ™‚

washington dc engagement | hayley + rob!

ohhh i like these people.

hayley and rob are one of those instantly endearing couples that you feel priviliged to meet. they not only better life by their stellar appreciation of a good time, but also their encouraging care and interest in others. they met through their church and were friends for years before rob asked her to take a walk, and then a date, and then a ring. i’ve loved getting to know them and can’t wait for their wedding this July! the day of our shoot was so cold and windy, but they were professional-grade brave souls as we explored their favorite spots around Capitol Hill.

[ a never-do-this-again-story from the day: it was a busy Friday in the city so i parked on the street and we went to all the locations together. after the photo shoot we went to Union Station for dinner and hung out for a while. later that night they tried to drop me back at my car, but nobody could remember what street i had parked on! we drove EVERYWHERE, tracing and retracing steps while i sat considering the possibilities of homelessness. the car eventually showed itself and we lived happily ever since, but it’s a mistake i could really live without repeating.]

but anyways.
on with the love!


spring loves love!

I want an engagement shoot like this. Someday.

love these pictures. The colors are great. What action do you use to get your different colors?

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