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2.14.10 – here’s to the love.

So, a blog!


Not sure why I didn’t get one sooner, having lots of gorgeous white space for all the stories I get to tell is such excitement. Plus it’s the perfect outlet for all my favorite photo-and-writing-related activities and gives you a chance to get to know me and my work.

I’d originally planned to archive my favorite shoots from last year to be caught up by the time I launched this, but instead I think I’ll filter them as I go to do them justice.

For now, I’ll just tell you a bit about myself.

Sidenote: I”m terrified of ladders. Proof of dedication? You betcha.

My dad’s a photographer and I basically grew into the art form without realizing it. He’d often talk about Avedon and apertures and I half-listened until it clicked. I remember the moment it hit me I could take a picture of something else, of something that wasn’t obvious… something just because I wanted to. (eureeeeka!)

For a while I’d take pictures of nothing and everything and sometimes they’d looked kinda nice. I knew I loved photography but the only way I could see it as a job was photographing weddings and I knew for surely positive I’d hate that. So instead I pursued graphic design and kept my camera a fun little hobby.

Through a series of fortunate events I started working for a photography studio as an assistant shooter and photo retoucher. After second-shooting a few dozen weddings realized them + i = sweet sweet love. Coincidentally 97.2% of everyone I knew was getting married and one friend led to another’s another…now I’m a full-time wedding and portrait artist who could not love it more and that’s my little story.

I’m fascinated by hope and love – the kind shown by you and yours, my darlings, and my Jesus. Can’t wait to share these feelings the best way I know how.

Thanks for being here.


P.S. I can’t thank jennifer olmstead enough for her everlasting patience and gorgeous designing. If you need any sort of custom wedding invitations, business identity or just the most perfect chocolate souffle – she’s amazing!


Rebekah… I am such a groupie! ha ha. Your photos are so amazing and you are such an inspiration. Your new site and blog are so fresh and beautiful!! God Bless!

Welcome to the blogging world!
I very much like your work and I’m looking forward to seeing more on here.


Keep it up, Luvvy.

Hi, I’m a friend of Sarah Danaher’s. She posted a link to yours a few weeks back, and have been enjoying your work since. Take care,