Paula : portrait // Old San Juan, Puerto Rico



Oh Puerto Rico. Just saying the name encourages a little flair of an accent. I’m no jet-setting expert on island vacations, but thanks to my work I do find myself in beautiful places, and some more often than others. From the different times I’ve been to Puerto Rico I’d have to say it’s one of my top favorite destinations, and the tourism bureau should really send me a fruit basket already for the work I do convincing everyone to visit.

The architecture of the buildings in Old San Juan is a dream and each turn is a different spectrum of color and design with a jungle of trees and these blue cobblestone streets that I’d like to pave my life with. You also get all the history with the Spanish forts, and then of course the rainforest and picturesque beaches on remote islands and even surreal adventures like paddling in the rain through a bioluminscent bay in the middle of the night.

For my last wedding there my second shooter / friend / recently-booked-wedding-client (!!) Paula came too, and we took an afternoon to walk through the city. In between all the coffee and comfort food we passed a camera back and forth, and here are a few favorites.


paula puerto rico0001

paula puerto rico0005

paula puerto rico0010

paula puerto rico0003

paula puerto rico0012

paula puerto rico0013

one of her shots – to commemorate the best hair day of my life

paula puerto rico0014

paula puerto rico0017

paula puerto rico0015

paula puerto rico0019

  1. Lydia Jane says:

    These are so peaceful and beautiful, becka. i can smell saltwater in the air. (and, wow, totally good hair day)

  2. These are so rad!! I love all the great colors and lines. That shot of you is so beautiful too! I think I’ve added another city to my bucket list because this looks like my kind of place. 😉

  3. Shalese says:

    That is indeed an epic hair day. 🙂 you may have created another future puerto rico visitor with this post!!

  4. My favorite is the one of you and the fact that you’re under a sign pointing down saying “art” is awesome because you are art 🙂

  5. Zahira says:

    I just love this post on the beautiful Old san juan. I’m glad that you like it. You have to visit us more often.

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