Phoebe : Bridal Portrait // Ballenger Farm, Virginia

Phoebe0002 copy

These foggy fall days were reminding me of this beautiful day last year. The light was a dream and it’s always so fun to meet up with talented friends and together play out a story from our imagination. We got a lot of rain throughout the shoot and kept having to shoot under whatever overhangs or umbrellas we could find, and found out later we’d actually been out in a tornado. Live and learn?

Phoebe of Ballenger Farm
Floral Design: Wild Green Yonder
Hair + Makeup: Leah Kaarolina
Styling: A Daily Something
Props: Antler House
Dress: BHLDN









  1. Sarah says:

    Ohhhh, been watching for these for forever and a day. 🙂 she looks like something magical and bygone. love.

  2. Hannah Smith says:

    Stunning. every single one.

  3. These are sheer magic.

  4. OK. These pictures are amazing! where is the groom, btw?

  5. Rici says:

    These are so perfect!! <3 each one of them! Thank you for sharing. It´s a dream to look at!

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