tania & christopher | kennebunkport, maine

  1. Allix B. says:

    Magical ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh wow wow wow. These are magic. Loveliness layered upon loveliness.

  3. essie jane says:

    These are so soft and romantic and… perfect.

  4. Korie says:

    I agree with Allix B….magical. Everything you touch turns to magic and wonderfulness. Like, I fee like I was there experiencing what the bride was.

    You are truly great, Bekah.

  5. Rici says:

    This one is such a great Wedding!!!! Itยดs certainly a new favorite of mine! I soooo much love how you capture emotions & atmosphere Rebekah! Lovely big times!!!!
    Very beautiful couple, I really like her cheekbones and smile!
    ~ Saluti from Germany!!

  6. murray- I don’t know why or how i hadn’t seen these.. but they speak to my soul like none other- for real. love you

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