stewart + natalie | featured!

I’ve no problem admitting I’m a bit biased about the couples I get to work with.

Most every time I hang out with friends I can’t help gushing over some new favorite wedding I’m excited for, or their style or her dress or the kind of pie they’ll have at the reception. (or if you’re Dale and Sarah, pie and an ice cream sundae bar means an instant win) As I’m wrapping up my year and thinking back to all the good times, I just couldn’t imagine having more kind and fun-loving people to call “clients”.

So anyways, it’s particularly delightful when lovely editors appreciate the time and personality my couples invest in their weddings to feature them on their blogs! Stewart and Natalie’s was posted on a couple recently and I’m so proud to show them off.

Elizabeth Anne Designs

and highlighting their exceptional taste in music, also on Hi-Fi Weddings! (and yes, I did collect records for them last time I was in Nashville. We’re tight like that.)

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