junebug and …glamour paris?


I was so happy to see another wedding of mine published on Junebug, Abby and Pablo’s wedding was way back in 2009 during an epic Snowmageddon and I’ve always thought it was pretty unique. If you’re not already addicted, Junebug is one of the all-time best wedding blogs in terms of style, information, inspiration, general time-inhaling eye candy for everyone who JUST WANTS TO SEE MORE PRETTY.

Anyways, their feature is right over ( here! )

So that was nice.

Imagine my surprise when a week later I got another note about Glamour Paris doing an article on the best 14 wedding blogs of the world and that Junebug had been included….

…and oh, Abby’s shoes + my name for their feature?!


I just thought that was pretty cool. (and I’m convinced every image looks more beautiful with french captions.)

Abby and Pablo are the best example of a couple proving what’s most important to them. They were only engaged for 3 months and then a blizzard tossed their wedding weekend in a snow drift. But! with the help of family and friends arriving in arctic snowsuits, they pulled off an event people are still talking about a year and a half later. Not because of their letterpressed invitations or reception details, (heck, they used evites and a meat-utopia dinner at Fogo de Chao) but because the people they loved most were included on their most adventurous first day of their life together.

  1. loooooooooooooooove this wedding. and love them. =)

  2. Christina says:

    Sooooo exciting.

  3. Dan Hogarty says:

    Bien fait, Rebekah! This is such great exposure for a great photographer!

  4. Taylor says:

    I see you are still well on your way to the top 😉
    Maybe a wedding in Paris will be next!

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