necklace frame diy

I love necklaces.

Long, colorful, dramatic, quirky, friend-made or antique.

It’s become a habit to buy some from most places I visit, and then a lot of wonderful friends figured that out about me and did the same on their trips too! (I’m pretty sure my  mom pays them to be this wonderful) I have necklaces from Zimbabwe, Botswana, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai, Ireland, Scotland, Venice, Brazil, Tortola…and quite a few from Joe, thrift stores, or Forever21 : )

I love how a simple thing like jewelry can include so many dear memories, but the only problem was finding a holder big enough to display them. Most would be too short or too small, or never both practical or pretty. Then came Pinterest, and I decided to design one myself.

For the longest time I looked for old rakes to hang a few like this –

– but that was too difficult to find.

While at my favorite thrift store I found a gorgeous gold frame, and it was on sale that day for only $7! When I removed the painting I found staples along the back keeping it in place, so when I (eventually) removed those, I had holes already spaced out along the top.

I screwed cup hooks into the holes from the staples, and let my OCD brain to spend more time than I’ll admit to organizing the pieces : )

And that was it!

I was surprised how easy it was to make, and how much I love the result! It’s practical and easy to use, and the huge frame somehow keeps all the necklaces from looking too cluttered in my room. Just a simple way to display my favorite bits of the world : )

  1. Rici says:

    That is such a cool idea!!! WoW, certainly a to do 😉 Saluti.

  2. Tori says:

    love this! i totally might have to try something like it. 🙂

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