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travels : a splendid october // scotland + england


“For Your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in Your faithfulness.” Psalm 26:3

I’ve had much to be grateful for in this shining year, and this trip was a special gift. It was gutsy and spontaneous and seemed entirely illogical, but was an incredible way to live an October.

My home base was in Glasgow’s West End with Scotland’s hottest couple, and from there I took trips east to Edinburgh, south to Birmingham, and west again to the Isle of Skye. These mountains and misty coastlines do something special to my heart, and getting to photograph a few dream shoots (all for the love) made it beyond everything ever. (see them here, here, and here!)

These are some frames from the windowseats and infinite views, and a little video at the end too from all the everydays.








now I want to move to scotlad

This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. this is where my heart has been —–>> Scotland. for as long as I can ever ever ever remember. beautiful beautiful images rebekah. so full of depth and feeling…thank you so much for capturing scotland so well. i sincerely hope to someday spend a month or a year or forever in its highlands

Scotland…how I miss thee. Oh, my heart <3. As always, Rebekah, your travel images make me ooo and aaah and make me look forward to future travels ๐Ÿ™‚


The photos of the landscapes are captivating! Amazing job!!

I can’t with this landscape. Everything is so lovely & your photos captured it beautifully. <3

tara ostlind

I feel like i just took a trip through Scotland from my living room. that was an amazing video, also the whole time i was watching/listenin i was thinking that really sounds like something dale clay would write…sure enough! its so exciting to see all the adventures you go on! also, theres always a place for you in nashville if your ever in the area!

So magical! I love all your photos ๐Ÿ™‚

SO beautiful! I am of scottish descent! I’d love to go there. Beautiful photos.


oh mighty God, what majesty you make.

as one who has not made it to scotland just yet, this was a staggeringly beautiful representation of the countries wildness and allure. thank you (so).

my romantics heart was brimming over and torn apart by all the scenes from train windows, train platforms, stations and signs. i’ve been breathless until i’m forced to gasp-exhale.

also. that boat get’s me every time and i think often that it is only i dream that i’ve met you in the flesh. you are so enchanting.

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eleanor campbell

how incredibly lovely. i don’t know how i missed this post. I came home to kevin last night saying… have you seen rebekah’s video? Clearly you have a big fan. i loved seeing all the little aspects of your day that i missed. this house is your house. love you to the moon and back.

Julie murray mammone

Im British born and raised, I live in California which is beautiful too. My heart is always in England, thank you your pictures and video made me smile.

robyn : fashion portrait // finlaystone gardens, scotland



Model : Robyn

Hair & Makeup : Kathleen


Oh my goodness, Rebekah. These are so, so beautiful. My favorite is definitely the last black and white, but every shot you posted is pure art. your work never fails to make me want to go out and photograph something amazing!

Like a dream! Seriously! I love looking at all your work. You are so amazing!

SO SO SO GOOD! And the fact that you made that skirt?! LOVE!

My word, these are truly breathtaking. And that last shot looks like a beautiful fairyland. Just gorgeous! You’re amazing, Rebekah!


very beautiful. the model, the outfit, the setting. I love viewing your photography.

gorgeous Rebekah …. love the B&w in the tree…but the heck with that dress… I want that sexy greenhouse!

oh friend, what a gift you have! these are spectacular ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s hard to express how perfect these are. this is what you were made for, darling. AMAZING.

Oh My gosh! These are AMAZING! I am in LOVE with the black and white image of the model looking back! The textures are incredible!

sooo gorgeous. everything about each image is so perfect.

natalie : fashion portrait // isle of skye, scotland







model : Natalie Donnelly

Oh my gophers. amazing.

unreal beautiful. some of my favorites of yours!

not bad at all.

Stunning. I was so excited when I saw the preview and couldn’t wait to see more. seriously gorgeous work!

Rebekah. how on earth can these even be this beautiful?amazing.

Favorite shoot of all time of yours. You’re amazing.


Call up the catalog editors … they have a new rising star photographer!

these are gorgeous like seriously in love with these shots!! great work

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richard craig


FAIRY GLEN!!!! I love that place, and these photos are stunning. What a dream trip this must have been ๐Ÿ™‚