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liz + spencer!

these folks are a special sort of awesome.

their wedding was Jane-Austen-classy with a relaxed, informal feel, equaling the best of all worlds.

they’re fun, their friends are fun, their lives seem pretty fun so frankly their wedding didn’t stand a chance of being otherwise.

her priceless “I look preeeetty!” moment.

but not like anyone could disagree! Liz you are GORGEOUS.

meet Spencer. he’s classy, loves God, and was stoked to get married.

Spencer, meet Liz. she was stoked to get married too.

I love the one on the right! excitement, yo.

favorite! the happiest models I’ve ever worked with.

appreciated the sailboat Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church had parked outside for us, so very thoughtful of them.

favorite image of the day.

Liz’s favorite book is Pride & Prejudice, so she walked down the aisle to the  dreamlike crescendo “Liz on top of the world” track. sooo much love.

Mr + Mrs!

and then they brought the sexy.

the Officer’s Club at Fort Belvoir housed their reception and aaall the good times of the night.

<3 <3 <3

Beautiful beautiful!
Looks like suuuuch a lovely wedding, like you said, Jane-Austen-Classy 😀

love a good first sight!! They look so happy and in love!! Which makes me just smile all over 🙂

aaaand, I have to say…I heart that sailboat.

Amazing. Gorgeous. So… soft and warm and sweet. They look like a couple I would love.

Amiable brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

Oh hello.

I’ve been home from Ireland for a little while but feels like I’ve just had days to recover. Kept busy trying to catch up and a few out-of-town shoots, but also had some good face-time with people I love. I am blessed!

Feels like I have a few dozen weddings to share so I’ll get on that, but of course I’m most excited to share the images from my beloved trip. We had a little house up on a hill with our backyard stretching into the thousand-green meadows and with cliffs and deeply endless  sea beyond. The best way I can describe it was profoundly beautiful, and having days to bike and walk and read or do nothing at all was a deep and needed rest.

So! Will try to return to my normal programming schedule here and look forward to sharing all the joy my camera’s seen lately.

Much love.

As I’ve said before, I love this image more than words. So perfectly amazing.

home from Ireland and missing the sea.


You are gorgeous =o)

And these pics are amazing, I cant wait to see the rest!

I can *feel* the soul-quiet of this place. Love.